Supplanted the feeble/powerless 15W 8ohm speakers in a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab with manufacturing plant REN head unit [no amp]. Production line ft entryways are a shallow 6x9 so be cautious of the profundity. some 6x9's are too huge. The mounting territory on the entryway is plastic, not metal so exact fitment of a 6x9 is conceivable with a bite the dust processor and so forth. I er'd in favor of alert and settled on these with a connector plate b/c I knew they would work and b/c I was not going to pump hey wattage by means of new head unit or amp. As of now they have had an immense effect in definition and in addition lucidity, I normally endeavor to run my new speakers around 20 hours before remarking to enable them to soften up and build up their actual sound range.

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